Now is the time to get your life Back 2


The purpose of our first publication on this topic which seemed off the topical is to help our readers weave the shoddy threads of their previous experiences, bad choices and negative influences leading to failures and suffering and fight their way into a rich coat of reality, turn around that […]

Now Is the time to get your life back!


Just as some of our old traditions are irretrievably lost, like money already paid to a cashier that can’t be reversed or a building with a weak foundation, at the brink of collapse with no remedy of resuscitation, so your life might seem. Truly, time lost can’t be regained. And […]



Your morning starts the time you wake up! That statement sounded like an explosion to my ears. I can’t forget who said that to me. She was one of the people I respect so much! Ella spoke in Igbo language and it rang in my head for weeks. My staffs […]

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